X-Shot from Zuru has long been the benchmark for children’s gaming weapons. The brand has been delighting fans with innovative toys since 2004. To date, the company’s toy weapons are popular in more than 60 countries around the world. Such demand is not surprising, because the brand works not only on the quality of its products, but also strives to develop original toys for children.

X-Shot children’s weapons are:

  • Rapid-fire blasters;
  • Water pistols;

X-Shot Rapid Fire Blasters

Among the wide range of X-Shots you can find fast-firing blasters, weapons with soft cartridges, a toy machine gun and much more. The company took care of the safety of children and removed all sharp corners. The blasters are streamlined and made of child-safe ABC plastic. Toy pistols are light in weight and have a comfortable handle to ensure comfortable play for children. Children’s X-Shot weapons are designed for boys over 4 years old, but there are models for teenagers.

In addition to fun, playing with a blaster:

  • Trains accuracy;
  • Improves skills to concentrate and be attentive;
  • Guarantees more active leisure.

Blasters equipped with a quick-fire mechanism and 6-round drums provide exciting fights with friends. Toy pistols and machine guns will appeal to brave boys who are interested in discovering something new. Some blasters have a range of up to 30m.

X-Shot Water Pistols

X-Shot water guns are fun water fights with friends. Children and teenagers will be able to spray each other with a jet of water at a distance of up to 10 m. Such a water weapon has not yet been on the market. Tanks fill up quickly so that you can quickly start an exciting battle and shoot back from your opponent. Water blasters are ideal for companies and families at sea.

  • Capacity – from 200 to 500 ml;
  • Shot range – 7-10 meters.
  • For children from 8 years old.


In the line of X-Shot toy weapons, everyone will find an option for themselves. Choose your weapon and crush your opponent with one shot!
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