Trotties Lucy Doll (TFT02000)

Trotties Lucy Doll (TFT02000)
Trotties Lucy Doll (TFT02000)
Trotties Lucy Doll (TFT02000)
Trotties Lucy Doll (TFT02000)
Trotties Lucy Doll (TFT02000)
Trotties Lucy Doll (TFT02000)

Trotties Lucy Doll (TFT02000)

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Looking for something special for your little one? Introducing Trotties Lucy Doll – the perfect companion for fun playtime and imaginative play!

Why Trotties Lucy Doll is Popular:

  • Lucy amazes with her stylish appearance and fashionable outfits. Her original look will make your child fall in love with her at first sight.
  • Playing with Lucy Doll stimulates your child’s imagination and creativity. Let her create her own stories and adventures in which Lucy becomes a real heroine.
  • We pay special attention to the quality and safety of our toys. Lucy doll is made from safe, high quality materials to provide your child with safe and joyful play moments.
  • Lucy has a variety of accessories, among which you can find everything you need to create exciting scenes. Let your little one immerse themselves in a world of magic and adventure with Lucy and her accessories.
  • The Lucy doll is a wonderful gift for any occasion. Give it for a birthday, holiday or just to please your child.

The Lucy doll is not just a toy, it is a faithful friend and companion in exciting games and fantastic adventures. With it, your child will be able to discover new worlds and create their own stories. May every day be filled with joyful and magical moments with Lucy Doll from Trotties.


  • Sophie doll (25 cm) – 1 pc
  • handbag – 1 pc
  • stickers
  • passport.
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