CubicFun 3D Dream House (P645h)

CubicFun 3D Dream House (P645h)
CubicFun 3D Dream House (P645h)

CubicFun 3D Dream House (P645h)

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Is your child interested in building? At the age of 5, a child needs to master the skills of perseverance and patience. You can help with this by gifting them CubicFun’s 3D Dream House Construction Puzzle. As a rule, 3D puzzles are interesting for children of any age.

Advantages of the CubicFun construction kit

Cubic Fun is a well-known manufacturer of educational toys, including children’s puzzles. In the manufacture of certain series, the age characteristics of children are taken into account, therefore, there the following collections:

  • 3d puzzles of the military collection;

  • complex models;

  • Harry Potter puzzle;

  • architectural puzzles;

  • puzzles for kids, and others.

Dimensional puzzles will appeal not only to the child but also to their friends, and even adults will have a fun family evening with this game. Cardboard puzzle games develop fine motor skills, patience and attentiveness.

Model Features:

  • number of parts: 160 pieces;

  • size: 26x17x31.5 cm;

  • category: puzzles for children;

  • age: 6 years old, 7 years old, 8 years old.

Three-dimensional puzzle construction kit CubicFun House of Dreams helps to form the child’s spatial perception and stimulates imagination. The product is made of high quality foam board, which is absolutely safe for children.

Does your child dream of building a fabulous house? You can help them with one click – buy a puzzle on the website of our partners.

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